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Victor Duffy, Victim of Police Brutality

Victor Duffy

About 3 years ago, I met Victor, a result of a friendship he made with my daughter Jamila.  Victor started spending time in my home, even brought in his own mattress and became a good friend of Jamila.  He formed a group called Triad with her and another friend Yen Lo and together they practiced their rhymes and beats in my home. Jamila and Yen Lo did the beats and lyrics, while Victor took charge of the singing voice and dancing.  It was entertaining and they all were so original and were extremely faithful to each other and to the music they created together.  Victor was so compassionate and kind, that he brought homeless young people to my home who needed help.  In June 2012, the police tazered Victor unfairly, killing him.  Once again, shoot first, ask questions later. I was devastated.  There is a rally against police brutality tomorrow Monday Oct 22 at 5 pm at Westlake Mall.  I plan to be there, in support of victims everywhere.  This was an unnecessary loss.  Completely uncalled for. And now a mother has lost a son.


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This entry was posted on October 21, 2012 by in interrupting racism.

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