people not parts

heart people over things

My friend Delbert

Some of the actual signs that promoted separation of blacks and whites in the 50’s and 60’s.

Delbert Richardson’s display in the lobby

one of the displays

more chains and restraints

Each Black History Month, the School invites a number of community members to exchange knowledge and support and research about health care and social issues.  I met Delbert Richardson at this year’s event and he had a number of items on display (obtained from different sources) of artifacts from slavery to Jim Crow era and the present.  One of my most memorable items was the handcuffs and the slave chains used to restrict ankles and wrists.  It was ironic to see both chains looking so similar, both intended to imprison not just the body but the mind.  A genocide that continues today wherein the African American man is so disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system.  Before i get on my soap box, the purpose of this post is one thing, and that is to share with you some photos of the items that my friend Delbert brought to the School.  He told all of us to keep taking pictures and to tell everybody what happened and what we saw.  Here’s my take…

Black History Month 2012


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