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Craft Days with my buddies

Once each month, my crafting friends Adora, Sandy and DG and I meet at someone’s home to craft, create, shop and eat.  August was Adora’s birthday so we had some cake at my house.  Yesterday happened to be our October visit and it was DG’s 60th birthday.  We went to SpringHouse Victorian Tea House in Port Orchard, WA and it was a lovely lunch complete with mini teacups and a special high tea event for those who are interested.  My interest was the bread pudding drenched in some kind of red sauce and it was amazing.  The place was full blown christmas trees and halloween!  I bought a skull scarf for $8 then we went to Jen’s Place, a flea market, antique place in Pt Orchard.  Definitely a “go back to” place.  I love hangin out with my buddies.

DG the birthday girl!

Getting ready to kick ass at the Victorian Tea House!

Sandy & Adora arranging flowers

Birthday rice cake


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This entry was posted on October 21, 2012 by in Bling.

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